Foundations/Leaking Issues

For waterproofing systems and leak repair, the name to remember is our Vi-Krete Aqua Stop family of products. Wet or dry, fill cracks, stop active leaks, or apply a waterproof coating, and you’ll be amazed by all the possibilities and the results.
Patch, filler compounds, and even injectable gel foam all designed for exactly what you need to do for successful waterproofing. For active leaks try our Injection Gel, or for currently dry leaks try our Patch 'N Go Vertical!
Cracks don’t stand a chance with our incredible Vikon waterproofing patching systems. Try our Vi-Krete Aqua Stop line for more information on crack filling products.
Weeping Thru Surface (Wet)
We couldn't call it a Vikon quality waterproofing system if we didn't have the muscle to waterproof when it's wet. Try our revolutionary N-23 Wet Concrete Primer and prepare to be amazed.
Weeping Thru Surface (Dry)
When the water stops seeping, these Vikon waterproofing products can get the job done. Try our W-3 as a primer with our 9086 topcoat for amazing hydrostatic resistance and a professional finished look.