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Seeing Green:
So you’ve explored our Website and understand that Vikon is leading the Green Revolution. You can see that the time is right, the message is timely and the products are superior performers because of Vikon’s green chemistry.

If you question everything and constantly wonder whether it can be done easier, faster or better, then you’re exactly the kind of person that can understand the market-disrupting and industry-changing power that these revolutionary Vikon products bring to the table.

You can see, without hesitation, that this will be big, VERY BIG, for the future of the industry, you and your business. As a certified Vikon Installer, you will have a real honest-to-goodness technological advantage over your competitors. Vikon’s family of coatings is the differentiation that you’ve been searching for all these years. You’ll be delivering the products that customers demand and that the government will eventually mandate.

Breathe Easy:

  • No signup fee means no giant capital expense needed for you to get involved
  • No solvents, no VOCs, no odors means this stuff isn’t going to “kill” you, your client, or your client’s customers.
  • No complaints. Assist clients in meeting LEED® requirements for low emitting materials and recycled content
  • No waiting. Short cure times reduce labor costs, boost profits and reduce client down time with an average 1-2 day installation

As a Certified Vikon Installer you will:

  • Increase your profits and create a whole new revenue stream for your business with Vikon solutions
  • Access opportunities that the competition just can’t deal with or address
  • Enhance your reputation as a certified “Green Provider” (there aren’t that many out there)
  • Create a new platform for your future growth based on science and proven technology
  • Enjoy pre-release access to all new product innovations
  • Receive referrals that will keep your new business pipeline full
  • Train on the job along side the guys who successfully lay it down every day

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