Vikon Installer Training

Training for Success

Two Full Training Days:
To become a Certified Vikon Installer you must go through our 2-day training process. We’re not saying this stuff is complicated, but it is much different than anything you’ve used in the past. Training is necessary to ensure proper application and ultimately, client satisfaction. You’ll work side-by-side with the guys that have been successfully laying it down for Vikon day in and day out.

Training with Vikon is intended to transfer the necessary product and technical knowledge you’ll need to diagnose a particular opportunity, select the necessary products, perform the necessary surface preparation, and install a functional coating system that will stand the test of time. Our training will focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of servicing your client’s needs when it comes to high-performance floor coatings based upon the innovative technology associated with “Cold-Roll” Polyurea.

Vikon training seminars last two days and include breakfast and lunch. We’ve constructed our training to not only give you classroom experience, but also to have you work with our crews in the field doing an actual installation.

Cost of training is $1495 per day for the first trainee and an additional $300 per day for each additional trainee. Classes typically start at 8:30 AM and run straight through until 5 PM. Field training will start at 7:30 AM and may run slightly longer than 5 PM, depending on the situation. Please allow extra time for your travel plans and in order to get the most out of the time spent with Vikon.

Three Ways to Get Trained:


1. Your Site:
We’ll send two certified trainers to your next project. We’ll travel to your engagement and merge with your crew. You’ll get hands-on training on day one as we assist with preparation details for your unique job. On day two, we’ll work in more of a supervisory role providing technical expertise to your guys as they begin the installation process. You will assume all travel related expenses.

2. A Partner Site:
We’ll partner you with another Certified Vikon Installer on one of their engagements near your location (usually within 100 miles). Here again, two of your guys will get hands on training for two full days on a Vikon specified solution for a unique project. You will assume all travel related expenses.

3. Our Facility:
Send two of your guys to our Headquarters on the beautiful North Shore of Massachusetts to get both classroom as well as hands on training for two full days on a Vikon specified project. You will assume all travel related expenses.

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Sample Vikon Installer Training Agenda:


Day one: 8:30 AM — 5 PM (Technical Training)

8:30 AM — 9 AM

  • Introductions
  • Goals and takeaways
  • Review agenda
  • Receive applicator manual

9 AM — 10:30 AM

  • Common terminology
  • What is it; and how does it work
  • Review technical data and handouts
  • Equipment review
  • Necessary sundries

10:30 AM – Break

10:45 AM – Noon

  • Cover various substrates and the optimal preparation for each
  • Cleaners, emulsifiers, and grinding equipment
  • Crack fillers, patching materials
  • Primers, waterproofing agents

Noon — 12:45 PM

1 PM — 3 PM

  • Review standard Vikon products
  • Pick the right products
  • Two coat systems
  • Three coat systems
  • Various aggregates
  • Antiskid components
  • Dustless vacuum systems

3 PM — 4 PM

  • Safety requirements
  • Product handling and cleanup
  • Best practices

4 PM — 5 PM

  • Questions and answers
  • Prepare samples

Day two (on-site optional)

7:30 AM — 5 PM

  • Day one review, Q & A
  • Discuss roles and system to be installed
  • Discuss tempo and timing
  • Review safety precautions
  • Operate equipment
  • Repair cracks and pockets
  • Apply primer, base coat, cove base
  • Broadcast techniques
  • Topcoat/clearcoat application
  • Cleanup

4:30 PM — 5 PM
Questions and answers

  • Travel