Vi-Prime for Wet Concrete

Designed for priming wet concrete substrates.
Only $0.29 per square foot!

Description Description: Vi-Prime for Wet Concrete penetrates deeply into wet pourous substrates where it reacts chemically with the water providing a vapor barrier. Vi-Prime for Wet Concrete reacts on the surface with a thin film allowing the installer to acheive a chemical bond into the primer with epoxies, polyurethanes or polyureas. 

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Coverage: 320 square feet per gallon

Application Type: 
Rolled or bush on.

Mix Ratio: 1A:1B Ratio

Cure Time Tack Free: Approx. 2-5 hours, depending on humidity and temperature.

Cure Time Recoat Window: Anytime after tack free.

Cure Time Dry to Touch Back to Service: Approx. 8-16 hours following tack free depending upon service.

Thickness: 5-6 mil maximum, providing a coverage rate of 320 square feet per gallon

Unique Traits: Proprietary formulation allows excellent penetration into wet substrates enabling a true three dimensional water-block.


Standard Preformance Data:

UV-stable 100% Solids No VOC's No Solvents Recoatable
No Yes Yes Yes Yes


Ceramic Tile  Joints Only
Glass  No
Wood  Yes
Steel  No
Stainless Steel  No
Fiberglass  No
Aluminum  No
Concrete  Yes
OSB  Yes
Gypsum  Yes
Asphalt  No
Rubber  No
Quarry Tile  No
Plastic  No

Recommended Uses

  • Use wherever water saturation is present in a pourous substrate.
  • Use for waterproofing applications to stop and prevent seepage of water through the substrate.
  • Use as a positive chemical bonding primer to reactive chemistries (epoxy, polyurethane, polyureas).